DVL Activities  

Earth Building Dialogues

» Waimes, Belgium   2006
Biberach Workshop   2005
» Focus on Czech Republic   2003
Ten years on  2002
Scandinavian Earth Building  2001
Publicity and promotion  1999
professional training  1998
The Lehmbau Regeln  1997
Work and Employment  1996


Our Earth Building Dialogues take place annually in conjunction with the members’ general meeting in September or October. Each year a different topic is the subject of discussion. In 1998 we spoke in Trebsen about professional development, in 1999 in Achberg publicity and the internet was the primary issue. We have discussed work and employment and the Lehmbau Regeln in previous meetings.

Expert Summits

Earth Building Regulations  1997

  The Earth Building Expert Summits take place as required and with varying itinerary depending upon circumstances. Typically they concern a technical issue or an issue relating to a specific membership group. Two expert summits have taken place with regard to norms and the development of the Lehmbau Regeln building regulations in 1997 in Kassel, Germany.
Earth Building Conferences

» Weimar    LEHM 2012
» Koblenz    LEHM 2008
» Leipzig    LEHM 2004
Berlin    LEHM 2000
Viersen    LEHM 1997
Aachen    LEHM 1994

LEHM, our Earth Building Conferences take place every three years. Consisting of a conference and a trade fair, they attract interest throughout Germany and abroad, for example, the LEHM ’94 in Aachen, the LEHM ’97 in Viersen and the LEHM 2000 in Berlin.

Local Activities   In addition to the three main events there are a number of local activities initiated by individual members in the form of regional workshops, seminars, exhibitions and demonstrations, which are supported by the Dachverband Lehm e.V. For example, “Modern Bauen mit Lehm” 1997 in Berlin, “Bauen mit Lehm” 1996 in Meran/Südtirol, und “Bauen mit Lehm” Zürich 1994.
other DVL meetings   2013    Rees, Niederrhein
2011    Blomberg, NRW
2010    Quedlinburg, Harz
2009    Kößlarn, Bayern » Review
2007    Ganzlin, Mecklenburg Vorpommern » Review
1995    Blankenhain, Saxony
1993    Weimar, Thuringia
1992    Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein – founding meeting
1991    Saarbrücken, Saarland – decision to found the association
1990    Darmstadt, Hessen – first informative meeting