Building with Earth: Consumer Information  

This brochure aims to provide a general introduction to building with earth in an easily understandable and professionally grounded manner. It provides important information about earth as a material and its properties, as well as an overview of construction techniques, their application and individual requirements.

It does not, however, provide specific information for preparing earthen building materials, design details or technical guidelines for building with earth.


The Consumer Information Brochure can be downloaded here as a PDF. It is available in German and English.

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Much has already been written about earthen building in its various forms. In addition to standard works there are a number of publications and information brochures primarily aimed at architects, planners, students and producers of earth-based products.

The “consumer group” of people interested in earthen building is broadening steadily:

Private individuals and builders interested in using earthen building materials who are looking for further information about building with earth in the home;
Public organisations and ecclesiastical institutions commissioning building works;
DIY builders;
Public authorities and decision makers in the fields of both conservation and new building;
Financial and insurance institutions who need to make informed decisions about building financing and insurance costs;
Ecologically oriented organisations with an interest in self-help, self-build and renovation work;
Health insurance advisers, doctors and politicians with a responsibility for building healthy environments;
Educators and trainers in the building trade;
The media: newspapers, journals and television.
This brochure is for all those looking for an easily understandable introduction to earthen building and earthen building techniques.