The Lehmbau Regeln  

To improve and ease the appropriate and correct use of clay and earth as a building material and to ensure the ecological quality of this building material is respected the Dachverband Lehm e.V. published the “Lehmbau Regeln” in 1999, the first technical building regulations for building with clay and earth in the European Union. For the first time since 1971, when then previous relevant DIN regulations were withdrawn, regulations detailing concrete construction guidelines for building with earth now exist. The Fachkommission Baunormung, the expert panel of the cooperative ARGEBAU, has included the “Lehmbau Regeln” in the list of recognised model technical building regulations. The project is supported by the Federal German Environmental Foundation.

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Die Lehmbau Regeln
Begriffe – Baustoffe – Bauteile

by: Dachverband Lehm e.V.
Volhard, Franz; Röhlen, Ulrich
ISBN 3 528 12558 6

111 pages incl. diagrams
Vieweg Verlag, 2nd edition 2002
€ 18.00 Sfr 31.80

The preface and contents can be downloaded here as a PDF
(German language)

The “Lehmbau Regeln” document the current state of building with clay and earth in Germany. Based upon a detailed definition of earthen building materials, it details the constitution, use and assessment of different materials, the construction and execution of earthen structures as well as earth and clay-based plasters and dry-lining methods. The final chapter covers material and building-element characteristics and properties.