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FKL Seal
FKL 2012
The completion of the model project “Specialist for Building with Earth” (FKL) provides for the first time in Germany and Europe the necessary basis for the provision of a training programme recognised by the German Chamber of Trades and Crafts for building with earth.

The acquisition of recognised certification through the Chamber of Trades and Crafts entitles the recipient to register as a craftsman/woman and accords building with earth an equal status to other recognised trades. As a result this course goes a step beyond existing courses and seminars in the field and represents, in addition to the development of technical standards, a major step in improving acceptance of building with earth in the professional building sector.

The course consists of a theoretical part, workshop practical training, and experience of practice on-site. In addition, the course will also focus on calculation of quantities and services, time estimation and building regulation aspects.

The course is devised in modular components consisting of a basics module and four techniques modules as well as an on-site practice module.


Module 1 – Basics
Norms, historical overview, clay and earth for building, earthen building materials, building construction, ecology, health and sustainability.

Module 2 – Earthen walling
Masonry using clay bricks, earthen brick wall lining and earthen brick nogging.

Module 3 – Wet earth techniques
Light earth stud wall filling, light earth wall linings, wet clay/daub infill panels.

Module 4 – Dry lining with clay products
Clay panels, earthen plaster boarding, earth in timber floor constructions, dry stacked wall linings.

Module 5 – Clay plasters
Specialities, materials and products, techniques, plaster base and preparation, plaster reinforcement and profiles, application and surface treatment, drying and cracking, plaster finishes, repairs and renovations, interior design and examples, special elements in clay plasters.

Module 6 – Building practice and practical training
Specification and tendering, calculation and pricing, time estimation, contract, building supervision and building works, approval, guarantee and rectifying building damages.

On-site practical experience

The examination will be invigilated by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts and consists of an approximately 4 hour theoretical examination and a 6 hour practical examination.

The »Earthen builder DVL« seal  

All participants who successfully complete the course and examinations are eligible to apply to be able to use the Earthen Builder DVL seal. This is a round logo with a personal certification number and can be used with the company's own publicity material to indicate their professional expertise as earthen builders. For members of the DVL, there is no cost for the use of the seal.

Duration and
teaching staff

The course duration is approximately 120 hours with an additional 10 hours for the examination. The FKL course is undertaken in conjunction with vocational training institutions throughout Germany and lead by experienced training staff from the Dachverband Lehm e.V. Examinations are invigilated by the local Chamber of Trade and Crafts.


All those with related vocational qualifications are eligible for participation. In most cases a proof of successfully completed apprenticeship is required.


15-19 participants

FKL 2012 in Biberach  

The FKL vocational training course scheduled for September 2012 in Biberach has had to be cancelled. Although we have received a number of applications, we have not had enough to make the course viable. Our apologies to those who had already booked.

We would like to offer the course again in future. Please let us know if you are interested in taking the course and we will contact you as soon as details are available:

  • Stephan Jörchel, Dachverband Lehm e.V.
    Tel.: +49(0)3643 77 83 49 » Email