The material on which we build  
An ecological and
healthy all-rounder
Diverse and variable

Like no other building material today, earth and clay fulfil today’s ecological and economic requirements. It is locally available, requires few other resources, can be recycled, is easy and agreeable to work with, has good insulating properties and gives off no emissions.

Its use in buildings improves the internal room climate significantly. Through the absorption and release of moisture it regulates the relative air humidity naturally and maintains comfortable surface temperatures. Furthermore, clay and earth have good insulating properties and can offer excellent sound insulation.


The raw material clay or earth can be made into a wide variety of products for use in many different areas. It can be strewn as ceiling fill material, it can be thinned for use as mortar or plaster or formed into bricks or boards. Naturally moist, it can be pressed into formwork to make massive wall constructions. A variety of additives such as straw or wood chaff, hemp-fibres, cement or wood shavings influence the characteristics of stability, elasticity and thermal capacity or resistance as required.

Clay and earth is not harmful to skin or health. Its plastic nature makes it ideally suited to modelling in creative forms or application in several or thicker layers.